How to manage recruitment agencies when job searching……..

Don’t Waste your own Time…Recruitment

  • Don’t apply for jobs you realistically do not match to, or have the experience for. Don’t complain afterwards that you don’t get shortlisted for a role.
  • Don’t ‘expect’ to be put forward for jobs; this is not a job centre!
  • Expect to have to explain yourself, your career and your education background.
  • Don’t exaggerate employment dates, or your job titles on your CV. You generally get found out!
  • Don’t send your CV and then call 1 minute later. If you do get called back immediately after your CV is sent, they are definitely interested.
  • Don’t waste your time if a recruitment agency does not call you back after you have sent your CV, it generally means you are no immediate ‘use’.
  • However do resend your CV again, just in case you were ‘missed’ the first time and call for advice, rather than to ‘give off’.
  • If you are not getting anywhere, or not getting a good service, look elsewhere. You do not have to be with just one agency.

Don’t Waste their Time…

  • As above, don’t apply for jobs you realistically do not match to, or have the experience for. Don’t complain afterwards that you don’t get shortlisted for a role!!

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Pfizer Jobs announces $200m investment in Dublin facility  Pfizer announces $200 million investment in Dublin facility

FAS – programmes for unemployed explained!

Springboard, Jobsbridge, WPP1, WPP2, Begin Again………& moreConfused

Jobsbridge – www.jobsbridge

  • New National Internship Scheme that will provide work experience placements for interns for a 6 or 9 month period
  • The scheme will provide for up to 5,000 work experience placements in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Interns will receive an allowance of €50 per week on top of their existing social welfare entitlement. This will be payable for the period of the internship
  • You will gain valuable experience in a working environment to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field
  • Must be on jobseekers benefits for a minimum of 3 months


Springboard  –

  • Courses aimed at areas where threre are current or future opportunities * finance, green energy, ICT, science and environment, sales and marketing )
  • Retain welfare
  • must be unemployed for longer than 6 months
  • Courses starting Sept 2011, some start over the coming weeks.
  • Mainly run in the ITs
  • If you’re a student, you must be out of your undergrad 3 years
  • Process is like the CAO – apply to up to 15 courses

Begin Again Programme ( up for review )

  • Work Placement programme mainly for individuals with some basic work experience
  • 3 month work placement with companies who have approached
  • Get 10 days formal training to support those made redundant
  • Mentor support whilst on the programme
  • Retain your social welfare & company will top this up with €120
  • What next? Upload your CV on and someone will be in touch

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Want to gain some good quality work experience???

The programme is a great initiative financed through the Labour Market Activation Fund. By participating in theWork Experience programme, you can gain 3 months quality work experience, working with an organisation on a specific project. Throughout this period, you maintain welfare and generally receive and additional €120 per week. It’s targetted to graduates, people looking to change their career direction or those who are unemployed or recently made redundant.

It’s a great way of applying your skills, enhancing your CV & network and increasing the chances of securing something longer term. Just go online and apply

To participate, you have a 10 minute telephone interview and 10 days formal training to help those who have been made redundant. Each individual gets allocated a mentor to guide and support them through the process.

Check out more info at or Phone 061371753

Mairead Griffin, Career Advisor & Outplacement Consultant,  Career Mentors, Dublin, Ireland  or 0876312900

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Irish Government 4 Year Plan – What is the affect on pay & benefits? :(

How is the plan going to impact on my pocket?

It is likely to hit it very hard indeed. The affect it will have depends on an individual’s circumstances. People will face multipleUnhappy negative impacts. When the plan is fully implemented, in excess of €3,000 will be lopped off the salary of a person earning €50,000 a year

Where do we start?

The Government says it wants to reduce the minimum wage by €1 to €7.75. It says the current minimum wage, one of the highest in Europe, is a barrier to job creation

How will my take home pay be hit?

Again this is bad news. Under the plan an aggregate 16.5 per cent reduction in the value of tax bands and credits is to be introduced. This means that the entry point for income tax for a single PAYE worker will be approximately €15,300 down €3000 on current levels. In 2014, then, the net pay for a single person on €55,000 will fall by €1,860 per year or €36 a week, a drop in real terms by 4.8 per cent.

The net pay for a married one-income family on the same salary will fall by €2,310 or €44 per week, a drop in real terms of €5.4 per cent. For people who make tax relieved pension contributions, net income will fall a further 2.5 per cent at the income level of €55k in the private sector.

The overall tax wedge on average earnings for a single individual will increase from 28.6 per cent last year to 33.7 per cent by 2014.

Many Benefit in Kind entitlements will also be abolished next year including the exemption of employer provided childcare, relief for rent paid for private rented accommodation and the tax relief for trade unions subs

Will public service pay be cut?

No, under the Croke Park agreement, the Government can not cut public sector pay but it has announced a plan to reduce new entrant’s salary levels by 10 per cent. As there is a recruitment freeze in the public sector at present, this is unlikely to make a whole lot of difference .In addition a reformed pension scheme is to be introduced for new entrants to the public service.

How will pensions be affected?

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2010 Salary Surveys – Are you being rewarded at market rate??

Salary Surveys are tools used to determine the median or average compensation paid to employees Euro Sign

Whilst Ireland is going through challenging times and alot of people have taken salary cuts, it’s still important to know where you stand ! Below are to the largest salary surveys undertaken in 2010.

Mairead Griffin, Career Coach, , Phone 01-2160880,

Sport and a career in sales………

Employers look for talented individuals who can leverage their competitive drive and skills into the workplace. So you as a

Career Mentors

Career Mentors

 sportsperson you have to capitalise on the skills you have, irrespective of whether you have the experience or not

First thing we will look at is your transferable skills. If you are applying for a sales role you have to produce evidence that you have the skills for sales both on your CV and at interview



The skills you acquire through sport, college and life in general are known as Transferable Skills. These skills can be used in your job or career.  Transferable skills are particularly important for indiividuals who are looking to change career, new graduates, recently unemployed


As well as a sportspersons’ work, academic or general life experience, the skills acquire through sport are transferable into a workplace.


 Through sport, you develop transferable skills such as working under pressure, meeting deadlines/ challenges, hardworking, self starter, disciplined, dependable, loyal,  reliable, goal setting, organisational skills, overcoming obstacles, time management, dedication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, leadership ( captains )

 What SKILLS are important to be successful in SALEs and how have you demonstrated them? 

Mairead Griffin, Career Coach, Email:

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The Irish online jobs boards…..

How many .ie jobs boards are there????You’d be surprised! Below is a long hit-list. Top 5 are the highest ranked!

Online Job Searching

Online Job Searching

Mairead Griffin , Career Mentors , Career Coach 01-2160880

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Good news…….

According to research undertaken by there has been an 11% increase in the number of positions advertised onlineSmiley face 2 in May, June and July

Areas that experiences a rise include

  • Secretarial and Administration +47%
  • IT / Telecoms +11%
  • Insurance and Banking +11%
  • Sales +8%
  • Marketing +8%

There was a 11% decrease in retails jobs and an increase of people on the live register……….it’s more competitive for these new jobs!

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Tips on how to get the most out of recruitment agencies

 - Find out who the best agencies are for your discipline in Dublin as opposed to just targetting the larger higher profile agenciesrecruiter

- Register with the top 3-4 maximum preferably. In today’s market jobseekers are sending their CVs to up to 15 agencies. Whilst it’s important to keep your options open, it’s equally as important to forge relationships with the recruiters. Your CV landing on a HR managers desk 3-4 times is likely to have a negative impact on your application

-If possible, try and find out the specific names of recruiters that friends or colleagues have used in the past. IDeally you should be targetting experienced individual recruiters. If you check their profiles on linkedin, you see the depth of their experience. Tell the recruiter that they were recommended by “X” – it may make them feel more obliged to help! Getting a recruiter who understands you area is key. Recruitment employee turnover tends to be quite high, so in some organisations the majority of recruiters can have less than 1-2 years experience

 - Always call in advance if you see a job that you are interested in. Clarify that the role is still open. When recruiters advertise roles, they generally put them up on the sites as soon as the job comes in, and then start working through their database. A lot of consultants can submit shortlists from their databases and don’t end up considering people who apply. A good recruiter will only submit 5-6 CVs to a client maximum

- Request a meeting with the consultant. If they say no, push back on them and say that you would really like to registrar. If they have met you in person, it is far more likely that they will remember you

- When you meet your consultant should be able to provide you with more factual information than what is outlined on the written job spec. Ask them specific questions eg structure of the team, reporting structure, a background to the business.  If they do not know this information, I would question just how strong a relationship they have with the client. Are they going to be able to influence your application or have they rang the client after noticing the job online. 

 - Clarify when next contact is going to be made and ask them if it is okay for you to call them every so often to touch base. Tell them you would like to remain in regular contact and ask them if they agree that this would be a good thing? Im sure they will agree to everything, so it is something you can bring up again if they do not do it!

- It is up to you to chase up recruiters. They are being pulled in every direction at the moment and cant really win! They are managing an increased volume of applications, making hundreds of cold calls and more to get jobs on their books.

- If an agency say that you are not suitable for a job, the best thing is to just accept it and move on. You should always try and get feedback if you can, but it is in their interest to get good quality across to their clients, so bear this in mind if you are not shortlisted

Be honest with your recruiter regarding interviews that maybe progressing elsewhere or if you have concerns relating to salary, hours, reporting structures etc. They can help!

Never tell a recruiter what other companies you are interviewing with.

Do not deal with agencies who have not requested your permission to send your CV to a client. It is not fair on the agencies who follow the correct process and earn their commission. Your CV landing on the same HR managers desk by numerous agencies does not reflect well on you. The last thing HR Professionals want to do is get involved in a squabble between agencies.

Some recruiter will tell you the things you want to hear. I would have more respect for the recruiters who are honest and direct than ones who give general  feedback such as “ you don’t have enough general experience” . You should be getting something more precise which you can learn and move forward from

Mairead Griffin, Career Mentors,, 01-2160880